HVAC & Lighting Trading & Ionization Solutions

HVAC & Lighting Trading & Ionization Solutions

PICV, 2-Way/3-Way control valves and thermostats, on/off and modulating (Schneider, Danfoss, frese, Kids, Pettinaroli, VIR, Honeywell…).

Chilled water & Plumbing valves with WRAS certificates: Strainers, ball & gate valves, check valves, balancing valves, butterfly valves (NIBCO, Gala, Tecofi, Pegler…)

  • Bronze Gate Valves PN16, PN20
  • Bronze Ball Valves PN40
  • Bronze Globe Valve PN20
  • Bronze Check Valve PN20
  • Bronze Y Strainer PN20
  • 300 lb. UL/FM Butterfly Valves
  • Ductile Iron Butterfly Valves PN16
  • Cast Iron Gate Valves PN16
  • Cast Iron Globe Valve PN16
  • Cast Iron Swing check Valve PN16
  • Cast Iron Silent check Valve PN16
  • Cast Iron Y-Pattern Strainer
  • Class 125 Cast Iron Y Strainer

Ionization Solutions:

Particulate Matter Sensors comprise devices that can be used for room, duct and outdoor particulate matter (PM) monitoring. These devices use an optical sensor based on laser scattering principles and feature innovative contamination resistance technology to perform highly accurate and reliable PM measurements.
Particulate Matter sensors can deactivate harmful substances and provide 99.4% fine and ultra-fine PM reduction. Decreasing air pollution can help achieve a higher quality of the air we breathe and help protect our overall health and safety.
Ionization Bars The Crystal Clean Air™ Bars are manufactured to save time and money and feature a quick and easy integration into Air Handling Units (AHU), Rooftop Units (RTU), mixing boxes and economizers. These Ionization Bars are ASHRAE 62.1 compliant in reducing outside air requirements at the AHU and RTU’s.
Ionization technology uses an electronic charge to create an ion charged environment filled with a high concentration of + and – ions. As these ions travel with the air stream, they attach to particles, pathogens and gases, effectively neutralizing them. They can deactivate harmful substances like dust, pollen, fungal spores, microbes, odors, VOCs, and airborne bacteria and viruses and provide 99.4% fine and ultra-fine particle reduction.

Control Panels and Motor Starters for HVAC & pumps:

ICONIC Plus offers a very versatile and robust range of motor starters and control panels. Our motor starter panels designed to start, operate and control motors and pumps for use in HVAC or industrial applications. Quality and reliability are built into every device to ensure total performance satisfaction, even in the most demanding applications.
With phase, voltage and current monitoring relays and motor protection breakers, ICONIC Plus offers the protection your Motor starter needs against equipment failure and danger caused by voltage faults, current conditions or excessive load requirements.

Trading and spare parts for control systems, air conditioning and ventilation and lighting:

● Sensors, transmitters and switches (Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, CO, CO2, NO, NO2, Level, Current, Particulate Matter), Smoke Detectors, Motion sensors (PIR, Ultrasonic, High Frequency, Dual technology).
● Damper Actuators, VFDs, UPS, VAVs.
● Meters (Electricity PMU, Water, BTU, Gas).
● Special cables for systems (KNX, DALI, Lonworks, Modbus, M-Bus, BACnet, Crestron, Lutron, CAT 6/7 & sound).