Energy Management System

Energy Management System

  • BTU & Smart Valves, Gas, Water, PMU & Electricity Metering ,Leak Detection & Billing software
  • Energy Dashboard software, Carbon Foot Print, Net Zero & Carbon Neutrality KPIs
  • Energy Auditing & Analysis

BTU, Gas, Electrical Power & Water Meters, Smart Valve & Centralized Monitoring System (CMS):

ICONIC Plus offers a variety of BTU and energy metering solutions through several different types and models such as ultrasonic, electromagnetic, uni/bidirectional…etc. that support all sub-metering and industry standard protocols such as Modbus, Meter Bus (M-Bus), LonWorks and BACnet.

ICONIC Plus BTU and energy measurement system gives the ability to balance and control the flow of energy to get the optimum performance. Smart Billing & Smart Valves Solution can assure service continuity and avoid waste in in occupied spaces. Faulty meters, discrepancy in readings and errors are part of our software unique features, which allows immediate action rather than late surprises.

Monitoring and logging electrical, water and BTU consumption readings, helps in creating dashboards and benchmarks for ideal consumption levels. By applying artificial intelligence, the software is able to draw consumption behavior and profile, can forecast and predict leakage, fault and warns the client early. By applying machine learning, the software is reducing those errors and increasing accuracy. It is a unique Building Analytical Tool. Adding hydrodynamics to the intelligence, the software is capable of adjusting set point to achieve maximum performance and efficiency with lowest possible energy consumption

Being certified Energy Managers, ICONIC Plus offers Energy Auditing & Analysis Services, from walk through survey up to data logging and analysis, our team create comprehensive reports, advices, designs and solutions meet client’s budget and ROI targets and energy benchmarks.

We help you in applying/complying to Green Building Rating System certificate such as (LEED, BREEAM, Estidama, Al Safat, Barajeel…etc.).